Blockchain Adoption Lacks Defined Regulation, Zhu Thinks

During a China Great Bay Area International Blockchain Week pre-event interview, Robin Zhu, Huobi Global Group’s COO, stated that lack of defined regulation and infrastructure services hinders the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto.

According to Zhu, blockchain has long been noted by the government as one of the keys to technological innovation and the industrial revolution. Being one of the biggest crypto exchanges, Huobi views it as a chance to give much-needed infrastructure and services.

In addition to that, Huobi University provides blockchain education. And Zhu said that it had made multi-dimensional course modules for students from different backgrounds. Also, over 100 free lectures are provided to government employees and employees from medium-sized enterprises worldwide.

He explained, “Driven by the supportive policy environment and pouring-in capital, demands for high-quality talents, technology innovation-oriented corporates, and commercialized cases grow rapidly over the years.”

Then, Zhu noted that Huobi sees emerging opportunities in various aspects. Such as training talents, empowering real economy, project incubation, and establishing industry standards.

Also, the COO thinks that blockchain and cryptocurrency will change the world in the future. He noted that global economic activities will become more efficient and convenient. And this is all due to the technology-oriented revolution.


Infinite Fleet Game Raises $3.1M

Elsewhere, the Infinite Fleet space adventure game of Pixelmatic raised over $3 million within 24 hours.  Investors included Adam Back and Charlie Lee.

Based on the statement from Pixelmatic, the game made by Blockstream CSO and Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mow raised $3.1 million on global online investment platform BnkToTheFuture through sales of its EXO token.

Aside from the Infinite Fleet’s success, private funding led by Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee, Blockstream CEO Adam Back, and host of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser, went beyond Pixelmatic’s $3 million-goal following an allocation on BnkToTheFuture sold out within 24 hours.

Infinite Fleet’s publisher Exordium Limited launched the EXO security token. And it represents equity and profit-sharing rights on Liquid Securities. That is a platform that sits on top of Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain Liquid Network.

In a report, Infinite Fleet collaborated with blockchain marketplace STOKR to launch a public security token offering (STO).


Gaming and Crypto Together

The blockchain space strategy game highlights space, asteroid mining, fleets of spaceships, and real-time strategy style combat. Also, it uses players vs. environment (PvE) collaborative play and will have a directed narrative. That means the actions and consequences of players in real-time will have irreversible effects and be forever into the game’s history and lore.

INF, the in-game currency of Infinite Fleet, is on the blockchain. However, it doesn’t require players to have in-depth knowledge for crypto. This is only if they want to transfer assets out of the game. The firm will reportedly make the token open for trading on crypto exchanges immediately after the launch of the game.

Mow stated, “Infinite Fleet will be the first proper video game to truly bring together gaming and crypto assets.”

Pixelmatic aims for an alpha release for Infinite Fleet by the end of the year, with the complete game ready in 2021.

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