General Information
Broker Name:Bittradehouse
Broker Type:Forex & CFDs
Operating since year: N/A
Regulation: N/A
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Languages: German, English, 50+ others
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:50
Spread:Floating From 0.0 Pips
Scalping allowed:Yes


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Bittradehouse Review – The choice for modern traders

Bittradehouse Review – The choice for modern traders General Information & First Impressions

Bittradehouse is a European broker that offers trading services worldwide. If you’ve visited its website, you may have noticed that it was in German by default. And while it does prioritize German-speaking customers, it also has solutions for those that don’t. In other words, the brokerage strives to be open and accepting of different customers. Our Bittradehouse will hedge it against other brokers and help you check out whether it’s the right choice for you.

And when we said it has solutions for non-German speakers, we meant fully-functioning translations into many different languages. Its translation tool offers complete website translations into over 50 languages worldwide. 

That puts it ahead of most brokerages that only enable English and a few other major languages. You’re more than likely to find your mother tongue on bittradehouse.com, lowering any possible language barrier. In other words, that enables users who wouldn’t have access to online trading normally to become full-fledged traders.

That’s already a big win when it comes to attracting diverse audiences, but it’s not the broker’s sole achievement. It also presents itself extraordinarily well, making it easy to research and get to know about. That’s a huge benefit for us when writing our bittradehouse.com review, but also for a regular customer looking at the broker. 

In other words, investigating the broker is much quicker than it would be with another company. That’s how it tells us that it actually values our time and isn’t out to misguide us. From both a usability and security standpoint, that’s quite commendable. Of course, that also means the initial impression we got of bittradehouse.com is quite good.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Security is a significant issue in online trading, and few brokers do anything to alleviate that. Most online brokerages that open don’t fulfill the minimum as far as security goes, let alone invest effort in that regard. However, modern trends in the investing and trading world have let these brokerages run free.

Since a lot of online sources prioritize features over security, it’s easy for new traders to create false notions. If a source you trust tells you not to worry about certain red flags with one broker, you’re somewhat likely to ignore them altogether. So when you’re searching for your second or third broker, you might miss an obvious warning sign. 

Furthermore, scam brokers have gotten really good at evading regulators and licensers. The combination of the two factors creates a dangerous online trading environment. Of course, that doesn’t simply apply to newer traders.

An experienced trader can fall into the same trap just as easily. The risk for them is likely higher since they’re comfortable with investing larger sums. So no matter where you are trading skill-wise, you can’t afford to get complacent. 

However, this part of our Bittradehouse review is devoted to exploring the broker’s security. We’ve looked at a ton of brokers throughout the years and are fairly confident with our ranking.

And we believe the broker doesn’t show any cause for worry when it comes to security. Namely, it operates from the UK, which is a place with strict brokerage regulations. The fact that it picked London instead of a lower-security place for its offices is telling of its integrity. Its website, bittradehouse.com, backs that up with clarity and excellent formal documentation. We don’t see anybody having any major safety complaints about the broker in the future.


Registration at bittradehouse.com

Registering at Bittradehouse is a simple and condensed process, making it faster than the usual broker. The innovation is a fairly simple one, requiring your login information in the first form you fill out. That way, you don’t need to submit your data, wait to get verified, then get an account. Instead, you can register and start exploring the broker right away at your leisure.

Additionally, it’s good to mention that the broker doesn’t require too much data, as the form is quite non-invasive. You need to turn in the usual name and address, but nothing beyond that. There are also other useful fields, which let you type in any promo codes you have or choose your base currency.


Account Info 

Bittradehouse has three different account types, which means it doesn’t go overboard. Instead, it aims to create a streamlined and potent set of choices that presents clear options for its customers.

Account Info  at bittradehouse.com: silver gold platinum

In other words, whatever you’re comfortable with budget-wise is likely to be the best account for you. The higher options add some extra features, but they’re not so overwhelmingly good to force you to go for those accounts. And even if you stick with the baseline account, you’re getting more than you paid for.

To be entirely precise, that’s just a manner of speech. You don’t actually pay for anything, as the accounts are based on your cumulative deposits. You’ll be able to trade with all the money you invested in your account. As we said earlier in our bittradehouse.com review, it focuses on creating a powerful experience. Of course, that means lowering the prices as much as possible.

But the accounts aren’t just about efficiency. They are individually powerful trading tools that propel the user experience ahead of simple trading. From the first account, you have assistance features, such as the senior account manager and trading signals. That way, if you ever feel lost while navigating markets, you can rely on the broker for assistance. 

And that’s just the first account. As you progress, your conditions will improve further, with more signals, higher leverage, and other meaningful improvements. That proves that bittradehouse.com isn’t only out there to attract newer traders but to garner a loyal base of users.


Bittradehouse’s Trading Platform

Bittradehouse’s Trading Platform

The broker uses a proprietary web platform that it crafted to ensure maximum usability and comfort. It chose to create the platform for browsers since that’s the easiest way to ensure easy access. Some traders may still have some negative notions about web platform optimization, but those are outdated. Nowadays, web platforms are indistinguishable from downloadable terminals for the vast majority of the time using them.

In other words, the platform manages to become more open without losing any functionality. The analysis and prediction tools are potent and plentiful, letting you improve your trading predictions. When you pair that with the account assistance we mentioned earlier in our bittradehouse.com review, it makes trading significantly easier. 

It’s clear that the broker managed to craft a cohesive experience from the ground up. Instead of focusing on a single condition, it looked at how its users would experience the service as a whole. The result is an open and versatile brokerage and that applies to the platform as well as the other conditions.


Bittradehouse Review: Conclusion

Bittradehouse is an optimized, trader-oriented brokerage. Instead of focusing on attractive conditions and overblown statements, it streamlines the experience. As a result, its conditions form a singular, powerful trading experience that beats out most others.

And on top of that, the assistance features significantly improve the trading experience by introducing human help. Traders are most likely aware of the feeling of being lost or stuck. Otherwise, you may suffer from analysis paralysis, where no option feels like it’s entirely right.

You can use the broker’s features to overcome that, whether you need a bit of encouragement or direction. We were impressed throughout our research for the Bittradehouse review and are confident it’s one of the best online brokerage choices for traders.



  1. Where is Bittradehouse based?

Bittradehouse’s offices are in London, UK.

  1. Is Bittradehouse regulated?

Bittradehouse operates within the legal framework of the UK.

  1. Is Bittradehouse trustworthy?

Yes, it operates from the UK, which is a trusted location.

  1. Where can I use Bittradehouse?

Bittradehouse is a global brokerage usable in most parts of the world.

  1. What type of brokerage is Bittradehouse?

Bittradehouse is a forex and CFDs broker.

  1. Can I trade crypto on Bittradehouse?

Yes, the broker offers crypto trading.

  1. Can I use MT4 on Bittradehouse

No, Bittradehouse provides a proprietary web platform for its users.

  1. Can you make money with Bittradehouse?

Yes, Bittradehouse has numerous features that make it easier for its users to earn money while trading.

  1. What is the max leverage at Bittradehouse?

For Platinum accounts, the leverage at Bittradehouse is 1:50

  1. What is the minimum deposit for Bittradehouse?

Bittradehouse requires a deposit of $250 for a live account.

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