Bitcoin’s Price Is Up 0.65%

A single Bitcoin would have a positive return of 40.49% if purchased at the 52-week low of £13,195 and sold at the current price of £18,538.

In contrast, if you bought one Bitcoin at the 52-week high of £36,750 and sold it at the current price, you would have received a loss of 49.56%, or £18,212.

Within the past day, Bitcoin has increased by 0.65%. Overall, the price of BTC is lower than its 52-week high, which was £36,750.

Bitcoin experienced highs of £18,793 and lows of £16,621 over the previous week.

In general, cryptocurrency has increased over the last three months. It has increased to its current price of £18,538 over the last 90 days.

A Massive Whale Appears

Blockchain data reveals that since beginning to purchase the meme-inspired cryptocurrency in July 2022, a massive Ethereum ($ETH) whale with over $500M in total assets has amassed over 18.8T Shiba Inu ($SHIB) tokens.

According to Zerion, a blockchain wallet management platform, whales have been hoarding SHIB dollars since the cryptocurrency fell from around $0.000027 in April 2022 to around $0.011.

The whale currently has the largest token position, with over 18.8T tokens worth over $22M. Its average $SHIB cost is $0.000015, which translates to a total position loss of about $68.9M.

The whale’s second-largest holding is on the native $ETH token of Ethereum, which is worth about $195M. The whale also has approximately $13M of Chainlink ($LINK) and $42M of Polygon ($MATIC). According to data, it began to amass $MATIC in June and $LINK in August. At the time of writing, the whale could make money by selling both of these holdings.

The whale also owns Compound ($COMP), the money market protocol’s governance token worth $8M, which it began purchasing in July after its price fell, and Uniswap ($UNI), worth $5.3M. Additionally, it is making money on both of these holdings.

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