BitcoinCodePro Review: An Auto-Trading Platform You Can Trust?


Name: BitcoinCodePro
Type: Crypto trading bot
URL: https://bitcoincodepro.com/
Minimum Deposit: $250
Demo account: YES

The tagline of BitcoinCodePro is “Trade cryptocurrencies with the N°1 online auto-trading platform” – let’s check if it is really N°1 in this review. In this BitcoinCodePro review, we will look through this auto-trading platform and learn how trustworthy is it.

BitcoinCodePro is one of the best locations to go if you want to trade cryptocurrencies securely and with minimum time spent. The business has created a distinctive web-based platform, incorporating only cutting-edge technology that is useful to cryptocurrency traders. Thanks to the incorporation of live cryptocurrency charts, it can examine prices from several perspectives. Auto-trading software is created in elaboration by traders and software engineers.

Additionally, you are free to select from various order types and manage risk with qualified tools. Even more noteworthy is that the platform has so many features integrated into it. Yet, the user interface is still simple to use. The website’s trading platform provides several benefits, including:

  • Flexible and user-friendly interface
  • Extensive functionality, including a news feed that is updated frequently
  • Possibility of developing additional advisors and indicators and locking positions
  • The program’s ability to work with the large online collection of unique indicators and Expert Advisors
  • Web-based trading soft
  • Ability to test trading strategies

BiticoinCodePro Review

How does BitcoinCodePro work?

BitcoinCodePro uses algorithms to make trades based on preset rules, in order to maximize profit or meet other trading goals. It is worth mentioning that BitcoinCodePro is linked to the broker account and trading platform, which allows it to execute trading rules.

BitcoinCodePro is an automated trading software designed to ensure that you are capable of very pleasant and smooth trading. The system engraved in this software’s functionality makes cryptocurrency trading easy. The auto-trading software enables everyone to join the Crypto world, enabling them to enjoy its full financial potential. As part of this BitcoinCodePro review, we must list down all the core pros of this auto-trading platform:

Pros of BitcoinCodePro

  • Fast automated Trading
  • No Human emotions are involved, only AI logic
  • Great Speed
  • Anyone can join the crypto market without any experience

Algorithmic trading has numerous advantages compared to manual trading, such as the elimination of emotional factors and fast execution of trading orders. Auto trading robots, evaluate numerous factors such as historical data and price charts in order to maximize profits or stop loss. Automated trading systems can be extremely useful for those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading but lack experience or time for day trading. 

Experienced traders can benefit from the rapid execution of orders. This is important because market conditions on crypto markets change fast and trading opportunities disappear in a moment. It is also claimed by BitcoinCodePro that experienced traders can set up their own trading strategies based on mathematical algorithms and their own trading preferences. This is a huge plus.


Opening a Trading Account

The process for opening an account with BitcoinCodePro gives the impression that the company is friendly. This is merely a formality, and the beginning of your trading career is quite close. Simply click “register” and enter the information requested by the business, including your complete name, email address, and phone number.

All traders must comply with KYC once the account is ready and send copies of the identification documents the brand requests. You won’t have access to all of the platform’s benefits until your account has been properly validated.

Trade cryptocurrencies with N1 online trading platform

Due to the intensely competitive trading conditions, it offers to its clients, BitcoinCodePro dominates the industry in several global locations. Its leverage levels are quite adjustable, and its spreads are extremely narrow.

For traders, the margin and swap indicators are quite useful. Additionally, it provides various payment options for opening and closing a trading account. Both beginning traders and seasoned traders can use accounts to meet their needs. It provides ideal trading circumstances and lightning-fast order execution.

Custom Auto-Trading Platform

In this BitcoinCodePro review, we must outline that the ease of keeping data is a key benefit of the BitcoinCodePro auto-trading Software. You can take a snapshot of the chart straight from the browser.

If you want to examine your trades, it is convenient to save these screenshots. History always makes it easier to discover errors. Hence, you can use screenshots for this. You can identify many errors and fix them afterward by going back and reviewing them.

The ability to add text comments to the chart in their web-based program is another useful feature. This is incredibly useful. Because you may write things directly on the platform’s chart when you flip through it and see something on it.

Otherwise, you’ll undoubtedly forget what you observed and the reason you opened the transaction. Overall, it is a straightforward trading platform. It allows you to test trading strategies and use Expert Advisors.


Security measures & Payment Methods at BitcoinCodePro

You can deposit in only a few minutes using your credit or debit card to make a fiat payment. Your card information cannot be compromised because BitoinCodePro uses reputable payment processors. You can use MasterCard, Visa, and Apple Pay for deposits.

Alas, at this stage, we have not noticed any option for depositing cryptocurrencies. That is what BitcoinCodePro team should really take care of.

The rules and licenses, corporate information, customer support or contact page, and trading conditions are crucial pieces of information that should be simple to obtain. It is best to seek reviews and see if there is something wrong with the platform. For example, if any of these details are absent from the website or are placed in an odd location. On the other hand, the information indicated above is all displayed in the website’s navigation bar on BitcoinCodePro.

Also, as it is stated in the FAQ section, the platform requires no initial deposit. Noor constant access to the bank account or any other funds.

Footer disclamer: We work with multiple third parties and may share your personal information with not only the company described on the site, but also other third parties, including non-affiliated cryptocurrency trading affiliates. These third parties may use this data to contact you or for their own business purposes. Please note that trading comes with the risk of losing some or all of the invested funds, and approximately 70% of investors will eventually lose money. Be sure to read our terms and conditions and disclaimer page carefully before investing.

BitcoinCodePro Review: Conclusion


There are many crypto trading bots available, making it difficult to choose one. BitcoinCodePro is a bot that claims to offer quick and easy access to popular cryptocurrencies.

This platform is required to adhere to all applicable market rules and requirements set forth by the relevant regulatory organizations. To ensure that the accounts of its traders are secure and kept on segregated accounts, BitcoinCodePro conducts frequent audits. This minimizes the chance that your capital is at risk.

The dedication of the platform is frequently what draws the attention of thousands of traders rather than just the trading conditions. In the case of BitcoinCodePro, the assertion is wholly accurate. They have worked very hard to create a variety of trading tools to improve the auto-trading experience.

Our final verdict: BitcoinCodePro is a fresh word in the universe of bitcoin robots and automated trading platforms. The creators claim that it was made in elaboration of traders and engineers – this is noticeable by high speed and nice, user-friendly interface.

It may be a useful tool for both, beginners and experienced traders. So, maybe one should give it a try: beginners will benefit from premade algorithms while experienced traders will save a sufficient amount of time.

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