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Binance listed MDX. CBX sale coming soon – DeFi market wrap

Mdex is a leading AMM decentralized exchange. Based on Binance Smart Chain and HECO, it has launched its native utility token MDX. Customers can use the token for governance, staking, and liquidity mining, along with participating in future Initial Model Offerings, also known as IMOs.

Binance announced today that it would list Mdex (MDX) in its Innovation Zone. The exchange will also open trading for MDX/BTC, MDX/BUSD, MDX/BNB, and MDX/USDT trading pairs at 2021-05-24.

The Innovation Zone enables users to trade new, innovative tokens. However, such tokens often have higher volatility. Thus, they pose a higher risk than other tokens. Still, Mdex is very successful and has excellent potential for further growth.

Aiming to expand its ecosystem, the company has integrated Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It officially completed the deployment on April 8, 2021. Five seconds after integration, the exchange reported a TVL (Total Value Locked) of more than 0.5 billion USD.

The BSC integration includes single token staking, transaction mining, and functionality in liquidity mining, along with cross-chain asset services. As a result, customers can realize cross-chain interoperability between BSC and Heco (Huobi Eco-Chain) by using the MDEX Bridge.

MDEX CTO Sky stated that after Heco, BSC integration was always their plan. According to Sky, the founders developed BSC to target the congestion and high fees on the Ethereum network. Both are supported by CeFi resources, as well.

MDEX plans further expansion in the future

gold analysis, ICO MDEX is one of the few projects on both BSC and Heco. Thus, it is positioning itself to be a serious contender in the ecosystem.

In Chinese crypto circles, MDEX is known as the “Heco golden shovel.” It has dominated the Huobi Eco-chain. The BSC integration is a move to cover the new fertile ground for the company. Currently, BSC supports more than 100 currencies across the chain, and their total market value surpasses 84 billion USD. For MDEX entering the BSC ecosystem is an opportunity to increase both trading volumes and TVL.

Meanwhile, Coliseum’s token got high ranking

Coliseum is a community created by movie enthusiasts looking forward to encouraging new bright talents. This network aims to unite people from across the globe and work towards creating cinematic wonders. The platform has launched its native token recently. The pre-sale ended on April 9, 2021, and soon afterward, an initial coin offering followed, starting on May 21, 2021. Even though Coliseum’s token is quite new, it is already among the top ICOs.

Coliseum members have participated in various productions which have performed perfectly with the audience. However, the members decided to form a community due to physical boundaries and language barriers, hoping to eradicate such problems within one space.

The founders announced that with their ICO, they are making an effort to remove language barriers and unify people in the world of movies. They want to work together towards achieving one end goal – creating a global community of cinema enthusiasts.

The COM Token Holders will be able to initiate various Audio-Visual productions. Furthermore, they can do that either on their own or in association with other production houses. The platform will distribute the profits generated from that project amongst the registered token owners with transparency.

The initial coin offering will end on June 21, 2021. The price is 0.16493 USD equivalent ETH per COM token during the ICO trade.

Coliseum is the first decentralized Utility token for Entertainment Industry

The community members have tokenized their vision for the launchpad platform based on a proof of stack concept. The latter gives an ability to its users to yield profits while holding. It also provides the investors an exit plan every quarter.

Furthermore, the Coliseum community has decided to cut off their token’s supply every quarter. They want to avoid any whale circulations controlled by some mischievous group later.

COM token holders will be able to yield ETH. They can either decide to hold it for a longer-term and if they need few funds, they can utilize their yield income. That will gradually encourage them to hold COM tokens for a longer term.

Investors are waiting for CropBytes’s CBX token sale

CropBytes game became popular soon after its launch early in 2018. Since then, the game has refined the economy and the gaming experience, going through an entire market cycle. Such exposure gave it an edge over other games, especially now that players are able to consistently grow their crypto portfolio despite the market’s fluctuations.

CropBytes aims to create a virtual world where anyone can own, buy and sell assets. Its team works hard to develop farming, business, and strategy game in a world that runs on crypto. Meanwhile, users have already built elaborate strategies and plan to gain maximum output from their investment.

Currently, lots of crypto games are struggling to compete with traditional titles on smartphones and consoles. However, the team has built CropBytes on the Unity game engine. The latter is a popular platform for building games, supported by multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and web.

Players can start farming and producing goods after downloading this app, and afterward, they can visit the game marketplace and sell their products to other players, as well as make a lucrative purchase. Once they have enough produce from their assets, users can also convert them to game coins (GC). Furthermore, they purchase exclusive GC assets, like Superhero nonfungible tokens and more.

CropBytes assets are unique, as well as its future nonfungible tokens. They play an important role in the game economy and, thus, hold huge utility value. For instance, Superheroes are rare and have special abilities. Players can use them to increase their own potential in the game.

Besides, Superheroes can boost farm produce and give a user an advantage in the game in the long run. The team plans to launch a new generation of Superheroes soon.

Why’s GBX’s launch important?

The game currently uses Tron (TRX) as the in-game currency and plans to soon use Tether (USDT). However, the company decided to launch its own token as well. According to CropBytes founder Sandeep Kumar, their users have asked for the CropBytes token.

The team wanted to build a well-rounded product before they launched it, though. After refining CropBytes for almost three years, the team is finally ready to launch the CBX token. The public sale will begin in the near future.

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