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Binance listed Gitcoin on its platform. The trading is live 

Binance decided to list Gitcoin (GTC) on its platform. The exchange announced that today, stating that it would open trading for GTC/BTC, GTC/BUSD, GTC/BNB, and GTC/USDT trading pairs at 2021-06-10 10:00 AM (UTC).

Gitcoin’s platform empowers communities to build, as well as fund, open-source, public goods. The company created GTC as a governance token of the platform. It uses the token for platform governance and public goods funding through GitcoinDAO.

Gitcoin is essentially the community of protocols, creators, and builders, uniting at the center of open web ecosystems. The company aims to build an internet that is open source, economically empowering, and collaborative.

Furthermore, Gitcoin is creating community and infrastructure for Web 3. Web 3 is a diverse range of technologies, tools, and networks that enable users to work for the open internet. The team employs various methods to achieve its goal and create the digital public infrastructure of tomorrow. That includes building community, making learning resources accessible, and funding projects.

What is the company planning?

Gitcoin’s main goal is to build and fund digital public goods, and the company decided to make it happen by working in several directions. It fosters the Open Web, with P2P communities building open source code, adopting open governance, and sharing open data.

More and more companies run on open-source protocols in the DeFi space. However, open-source builders earn while working on Gitcoin.

The platform offers users to build open Web3 technologies that support the goals of shared ownership, financial freedom, and collaborative determination.

Gitcoin also represents a community of aligned values and deep ties. It centers a community of builders who value developing meaningful connections with each other, along with the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Thanks to the many advantages the platform offers, tens of thousands of builders all over the globe have worked together to start, fund, and scale open source projects on it over the last four years. Gitcoin’s community is rapidly growing in size and influence. The company has great potential, especially considering that its token is now listed on the world’s one of the biggest exchanges.

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