Binance listed BSW token. What about ARZ? 


Binance listed Biswap token in the Innovation Zone recently. The exchange also announced that it would open trading for BSW/BUSD, BSW/BNB, and BSW/USDT trading pairs. The BSW token is very hot, and some analysts think its value will increase significantly over time.

Biswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) created specifically for BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. This platform promises the lowest transaction fees of any BSC exchange, asking only for 0.1%. Besides, the company aims to bring innovation to the Defi space through its high-quality products and services. The platform’s referral system allows customers to invite others and receive referral fees from farms, launch pools, a lottery, and swaps.

Furthermore, Biswap’s core products include the standard DEX functions, such as liquidity pools, an AMM, an NFT marketplace, yield farming, and an IDO launchpad. The company introduced a well-developed roadmap. It also announced a $10 million global incentive program to collaborate with various BSC projects. According to the team, partners can expect a 90% fee reimbursement, a launch pool, marketing promotion, farming pairs with BSW, and grants for security audits and project development.

The founders launched Biswap in 2021, listing a total of 27 team members on their website. The entire team is pseudonymous, presented on the site as comic avatars. EK is the CEO, reportedly a crypto veteran with seven years of experience in the space. Although the platform provides no details, almost every member of the team lists several years of experience in their respective field. Moreover, Biswap does not specify any partners or investors it may have. However, the crypto world is all about anonymity, so it’s not so surprising.


What makes Biswap stand out among similar platforms?

First and foremost, this company tries to stand out with its lower transaction fees compared to other decentralized exchanges. Biswap claims that it asks only a 0.1% fee while users have to pay 0.25% on Pancakeswap, 0.3% on Apeswap, Mdex, and other BSC DEXes. Moreover, the company returns 0.05% to liquidity providers as a reward and uses 0.05% for BSW token burning. The team reserves the right to increase this fee in the future and add an allocation to itself. But it still promises to keep the fee lower than the industry average.

Biswap’s Customers will be able to engage in transaction fee mining. Thus, they will have the opportunity to receive up to 90% of the swap fee of 0.1%, depending on the trading pair. They can also provide liquidity to pools and, in the process, earn BSW farming rewards.

Another important feature of this project is its NFT marketplace. The latter allows users to purchase NFTs using four cryptocurrencies: BNB, BUSD, USDT, and WBNB. According to the team, the Biswap lottery will enable customers to win substantial BSW prizes for participating. Each user can purchase an unlimited number of tickets, and 80% of the money will be redistributed to the prize pool.

Furthermore, Biswap also has its own NFTs, known as NFT Earn, consisting of an NFT Staking Pool, an NFT Launchpad, an NFT Level Upgrade, and an NFT Boost. Investors can buy Robi NFTs and stake or boost them to make a profit.

In addition, Biswap provides an IDO Launchpad. The latter allows other blockchain projects to launch their token through this platform. The DEX claims it has more than 300,000 active DEX users. Thus, it incentivizes new projects to participate with its $10 million incentive program.


Binance listed BSW token. What about ARZ?


How will the team distribute BSW tokens? 

BSW is the company’s governance token. Its total supply is 700 million. The team will distribute 600 million BSW as follows: Farms / Launchpools will get 80.7%, 4.3% goes to Referral Program, the team gets 9%, SAFU (an emergency insurance fund for all users) will have 1%, and 5% goes to Investment Fund.

The company decided to split the remaining 100 million BSW 70/30 between NFT (Earn), Strategic Partnerships, GameFi (Play to Earn) (70%), and Transaction Fee Mining (30%). Besides, it implements several deflationary mechanisms like burning 50% of transaction fees, 10% of its sales revenue, 13% of lottery tickets, and 10% of new NFT mints.

As a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BSW is very safe. The company secured it by using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The platform elects 21 validators every 24 hours to validate transactions and maintain the blockchain’s security. They have to stake a certain amount of Binance Coin with Binance to be eligible, though. Biswap uses a bug bounty program, as well. Users can earn between $10 and $100,000 for reporting bugs, depending on the security issue. Investors can buy BSW on BSC, LBank, Pancakeswap (V2), Bitget, MEXC, BTCEX, XT.COM, and CoinW.


What is ARize, and what does it offer? 

ARize is a metaverse-ready marketplace created for virtual goods. The team claims that this platform is a singular destination for users’ all digital asset needs. ARize will enable its customers to discover and purchase virtual goods for the metaverse. The team is working towards creating a big database of all sorts of content, from spaceships all the way to home appliances, realistic desks, characters, etc.

The platform’s mission is to democratize technology and content truly. It wants to ensure that the business and users have access to high-quality experiences and that the creators are fairly compensated. The company also aims to provide a content layer across the Metaverse to accelerate its mass adoption.

The team will launch ARize’s native token on March 23, 2022. The ICO sale will end on March 24, 2022. 10,000,000 ARZ tokens will be available for purchase. The price will be $0.010000 during the initial coin offering. Investors can buy these coins on the Krystal GO platform. The company plans to raise $100,000 with the sale.

ARZ token is very trending. The company announced that it would offer a user-controlled, open, and decentralized platform with planned interoperability and increased potential for creator monetization. That will give token holders many opportunities to gain. Besides, ARize boasts many interesting features, and its team has lots of experience in the crypto field. Thus, this project has great potential for success.


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