Binance is launching DAR coin today: Are you excited?

Binance will add DAR coin to its listing soon, and traders are counting the last hours. What is it DAR anyway?

Binance Launchpool has introduced its 23rd project, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR), several days ago. This is a play2earn game hosted on the Binance Smart Chain platform, with officially created levels specializing in winning adventure games. Here, users dig and join different in-game things, improve their expertise, speed up to deal with the mines of the Dalarnia universe, and constantly look for unique fossils and artifacts.

The official and governance token of the game is DAR, which can be farmed by placing BNB and BUSD in different pools provided by the Binance platform.

DAR serves as a default currency in the game, which gamers can use in any in-game activities.

Mines of Dalarnia is now available on Chrome and Safari, which means you can play directly on the web-based platform. Every asset in the game is created as an NFT to create an economy within the game itself.

How can you mine DAR coins in the game?

There are mines and land in the world of Darania as the primary resources, through which players can obtain minerals and use them to make progress in the game. There are miners and landlords in the game. The former uses their mining abilities to fight monsters and destroy blocks to find valuable resources, while the landlords use tokens, tools, or minerals.

There are also different types of mining tools and weapons, each with its abilities and powers. The higher the power, the less time the tool needs to mine specific resources in the game. The game also has an in-game market, where players can trade, buy and sell minerals.

Users can accumulate their rewards (calculated every hour) and receive these rewards directly into their spot account at any time.

How and when can you buy the coins?

Binance is listing DAR into the innovation zone at 2021-11-04 08:00 AM (UTC). The most significant exchange will open trading with DAR/BTC, DAR/BNB, DAR/BUSD, and DAR/USDT trading pairs.

To get the coin, you will need to go to Binance.com and log into your account.

Then, you should stake BUSD or BNB, and in ​​response, you will get DAR tokens.

The more BNB or BSUD you pledge, the more you will get DAR coins when it is listed.

Thus, the hype around the DAR coin is heating up. How will the coin’s price go?

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