Binance introduced new token on its Launchpool. What’s HIGH? 

Binance launched Highstreet (HIGH) token on its Launchpool. This play-to-earn MMORPG game is the 28th project released on Binance Smart Chain. According to the exchange, customers will be able to farm HIGH tokens over 30 days by staking their BNB and BUSD into separate pools.   

The total supply of HIGH tokens is 100,000,000. However, only 12,302,500 HIGH (12.30%) will circulate at the first stage. Furthermore, Binance opened trading for HIGH/BUSD, HIGH/BTC, and HIGH/USDT trading pairs on December 17, 2021. 

Highstreet is an open-world metaverse. It incorporates gaming, shopping, NFTs, as well as crypto and traditional brands in an MMORPG game. Users will be able to earn money by completing quests, socializing with players, attending social events, and shopping for NFTs from real-world brands.

 The team created HIGH as its platform’s native utility and governance token. Its holders will be able to access various in-game features and special events. Besides, there are some areas crucial for game progression, which are available only for token owners. HIGH tokens are essential for purchasing special items, such as real estate or limited-edition products. Users can view them in the Highstreet marketplace. What’s more important, the token holders will be able to create and vote on on-chain governance proposals. Thus, they will be able to determine future features of Highstreet.


What about Highstreet’s platform and features? 


Along with the game, the company created Highstreet Marketplace specifically for its users. As a result, players will have their own space to buy and sell products and NFTs. There is also Forever Fomo Duck Squad. Ducks are the avatar NFTs of the Highstreet World. Players can use them in different ways. For instance, they can attempt duck transformation and get 3D ducks by transforming 2D NFT ducks in-game. Moreover, Ducks act as a gateway into various exclusive clubs in the Highstreet World. NFT holders can access exclusive drops and vaults, which is an additional advantage.

 The company will support players to join in from a range of different platforms. While the flagship gameplay experience is on the VR version, customers will be able to play on the PC version, as well. The team will offer a mobile version in which gamers will become monster tamers.


What is the company’s goal? 

According to Highstreet, frictionless checkout with e-commerce eliminated the social aspect of shopping. However, it opted to reimagine E-commerce and retail in the Metaverse and Web3 era. To achieve that, the company integrated traditional brands into the on-chain world, thoroughly tokenizing products into so-called “phygital” items. Driven by value creation, Highstreet created a play-to-earn platform, aiming to demonstrate sustainable yield with its brand partnerships. 

The team also decided to use the dual token model. Thus, it offers STREET tokens along with HIGH tokens. STREET is the in-game currency of Highstreet World. It will ensure that players who joined the platform later will get an equal chance to enjoy the game without hyperinflation. However, the platform will still reward early participants fairly. 

Players will be able to use the STREET token as in-game currency. In fact, STREET will be a primary currency to facilitate all transactions in-game (i.e., buying from other players, buying from NPC characters representing brands, in-game item repairs). Users can earn STREET by hunting monsters and completing quests. 

How is Highstreet developing its game? 

Binance introduced new token on its Launchpool The team has built Highstreet with the assumption that gamers will become fully immersed in virtual worlds. It uses maturing VR hardware that is available on the market today. The company is actively working with leading hardware manufacturers like HTC. However, there are other factors that also contribute to the development of the platform. 

For example, the team leverages an avatar SDK called Tafi avatar to capture users’ representation of their body movements in the virtual world. The same engine powers the RTFKT’s CloneX NFT collection.

 To enable social features on VR, the team is using the Unity Multiplay game engine, which is a multiplayer hosting service. The latter synchronizes player bodily movement. It also supports a large throughput of data to maintain organic player movement. Moreover, Highstreet uses VR Analytics, which provides measurable data metrics to VR experiences through the usage of gaze analytics.

What about the Stay in Destiny World’s token? 

 Stay in Destiny World plans to make a game-changing entrance to the metaverse world at the end of 2021. The team recently announced that it would launch the platform’s native token SIW on December 21, 2021. The sale will end on December 22, 2021, though. 2,083,333 SIW will be available for purchase for the price of $0.060000 during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise $125,000 with the trade.

 Furthermore, 5000 players will be able to join the game without buying any SIW tokens daily. They will open daily chests, earn rewards, and participate in the marketplace like everyone else. According to the team, paid players just need to invest a certain amount of tokens. However, they will earn more rewards through adventures, competition, and events than they have to spend initially. Gamers who only want to invest in the tokens can simply buy NFT characters and stake them for daily rewards or sell on the marketplace. 

Such an approach to different groups of players enables free players to bypass facing steep barriers of entry while simultaneously ensuring that investors with high capital or long-term investment can enjoy the worthy benefits.


What about the game? 

 SIW is a survival game. The action takes place in a mysterious world. It’s more than just a click-to-play game. Players can actually move their characters across the screen. They have to protect the world of Molaka from evil bosses and monsters. 

According to the team, each character in the game will be a separate NFT. Base stats will determine the rarity of the character. Apart from rarity stats and stamina, each character will have a fixed friendliness point. The player will need to communicate and take care of the character if they want to increase friendliness. In fact, the characters in Stay in Destiny World are much like real people. They have real feelings and need players’ interactions to survive in Molaka World.

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