Binance Added Mobox’s Project to its Launchpool Today


Binance announced today that it listed Mobox (MBOX) on its Launchpool. It is a gaming platform that combines gaming NFTs and automated optimized DeFi yield farming to create GameFi. Customers will be able to stake their MBOX, BUSD, and BNB into separate pools. They will also be able to farm MBOX tokens over thirty days.


As the community-driven platform, Mobox empowers its customers, rewarding them for their engagement. The company uses innovative tokenomics, utilizing games and finance. It aims to create a truly unique and everlasting ecosystem, which will be absolutely free.

Online entertainment is a very competitive industry. Monopolistic companies are competing for users’ information, attention, and money. Several of them have already adopted gamification techniques to retain gamers and keep them interested. They are doing everything to increase retention and keep people curious about what’s to come.‌


Things are quite different when it comes to the traditional industries integrated into games such as Pokemon GO. In such cases, the platforms pit players against one another to see who the true wolf of Wall Street is.‌


However, considering all the time and money the user spends on these games, the rewards are paltry. The company always has the upper hand, extracting as much money as they can from the user. In 2020, players spent almost $87 billion on games, and most of them got nothing in return. MOBOX team decided to change that.


The team thinks that no NFT metaverse should be singular. Instead, each metaverse can be interconnected. Furthermore, the company has been developing dApps since 2017. It boasts secure Smart Contracts that have already transferred funds of over $2.5 billion. After the emergence of DeFi, the team decided to create the platform and offer users solutions to the gaming Industry’s problems.  


What are these solutions? 

 While crypto is becoming more and more popular, the same isn’t true when it comes to dApps. Until the arrival of DeFi, their growth has been stagnant. Furthermore, current decentralized applications are not focused on the everyday user, making it very difficult for ordinary people even to get started. Mobox plans to offer its users dApps, which are user-friendly. As a result, anyone will be able to use them easily everywhere around the globe.


Furthermore, yield farming and APYs have given lots of people a new source of income. Still, most of these projects are not sustainable because they have no intrinsic token value that benefits the customer in the long term. Mobox is determined to find the solutions for this problem as well.


The company has a well-developed roadmap and sound plans to achieve its goals. The fact that Binance added the project to its platform further attests to that. Mobox’s native token is also available for traders and investors.


The total supply of MBOX is 1,000,000,000, but only 37,333,406 (3.73% of total supply) is circulating currently.

DXB token is very high ranked. When will its ICO begin? DXB token is very high ranked. When will its ICO begin? 


DXB is a P2P gaming and betting platform, which is fully decentralized. It also retains no off-chain data. Instead, the company will store all data on the Blockchain using the chainlink oracles, SOLANA ecosystem, and chainlink VFR. The team is planning to share its profits among DXB token holders by using the Defi protocol.


The total supply of DXB tokens is 20,000,000. From that amount, 20% will go for the Private Sale, and the price will be 0.05$ per token. Furthermore, the company set aside 35% for Public Sale for the price of 0.1$ per coin. The platform will accept BNB in exchange for the DXB.


DefiXBet platform is offering C.D.B., which means Custom Decentralized Betting. The latter provides the ability for any user to create a new custom decentralized bet with a variety of betting options on this platform. Besides, the players will be able to share the result of their bets with other players. What’s more important, the DXB token possesses an actual use case. That makes it unique because the token will grow with the scale of the platform over time. The company will launch its ICO sale on August 26, 2021, and end it on September 9, 2021.


What about the TripLeverage’s ICO? 

TripLeverage is a Business Travel platform. It plans to launch its native token on August 23, 2021. The sale will end on September 5, 2021. Its token is also in the spotlight, getting a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms.


Customers can use TripLeverage to book a business trip. They will also earn tokens in the process. The company has a reward program. It aims to incentivize employees and business owners to sign up their businesses by rewarding them for each booking. The TripLeverage community will also benefit from the deals as the company uses 100% of the net revenue to buy and burn tokens from the market.


TripLeverage offers several significant advantages to its users. For instance, the company already exists, so investors don’t have to wait for its development. It even boasts 100k+ revenue. Besides, the team promised 50% revenue cashback in TripLeverage token and other 50% revenue for buy and burn. Various audit companies checked TripLeverage. Thus, it’s trustworthy and much secure than numerous other platforms in the DeFi.


Overall, the company will use the whole 100% of its existing customer base net revenue to buy and burn TripLeverage Tokens from the market. It means there will be a natural buying pressure on the token from the first day. TripLeverage plans to sell 120 million tokens. TLT is the platform’s native utility coin.


What innovations does this company offer? 

TripLevarage’s new concept

TripLeverage announced recently that it plans to bring a new concept of travel to business travelers. The company will provide a better and more secure experience. It will offer refined and improved travel management thanks to its strategic partner, TravelPerk technology. As a result, TripLeverage will be able to deliver the largest amount of flights worldwide, along with accommodations and transportation options available in the market. The company also promises the best customer service for every customer.


Besides, all of its services are completely free for businesses to use. The customers can sign-up for free and only pay when they actually book a trip. TripLeverage offers the exclusive benefit of getting back 1% of all money spent on trips in tokens. Meanwhile, it will use another 1% to buy and burn tokens from the market, thus, increasing the value of the TLT token for all token holders long term.


eBanKX’s ICO is live. How is it trading? 

EBX token is very popular. Its pre-sale began on August 10, 2021. The total supply is 100 million, and the token is trading for 0.2 USD per EBX. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDT, and FIAT in exchange for its native utility ERC-20 tokens.

eBankX works as a global ecosystem for the storing, exchanging and transferring of both cryptocurrencies and traditional FIAT money. This newest entrant in the fintech market already attracted investors’ attention. The platform offers customers a digital solution with secure industry practices and standards. It plans to implement a leading- and cutting-edge technology to achieve its goals.

Furthermore, compliance is an essential element of the eBankX platform. Thus, the company will adhere to international AML and KYC laws to provide customers with a safe financial ecosystem. It also promises advanced wallet features and services.


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