Bill Gates’ Predictions for a Post-pandemic World

Computer genius Bill Gates has analyzed the economic and social impacts of COVID-19 in the recent months. Now he tries to offer his predictions in a post-pandemic world in which travel, jobs, and relationships will change dramatically.

Gates, who had already mentioned a couple of years ago the profound damage that the planet could face if a pandemic occurred, pointed out several aspects that will change in the post-pandemic world.

Fewer travels and less time at the office

He stated that once the coronavirus is controlled, 50% of business trips and more than 30% of days in the office will disappear. 

Just as the Second World War allowed more women to enter the labour market, the pandemic will enable us to make new considerations. Is it necessary to be present at the office physically?  A new idea of ​​learning, having a doctor’s appointment or even a sales call only using a screen. By either using Zoom or an updated Microsoft Teams, he added.

In the workplace, the Microsoft co-founder also pointed out that a third of face-to-face work hours will disappear. During this period, many companies have observed the feasibility of working from home. 

We will continue to go to the office in some way, and we will resume some business trips. But, it will be drastically less than before, Gates stated.

The American business magnate also assured that the pandemic would also impact the population density in larger cities. It will allow people to move away from urban centres due to the possibility of working from other places. 

People will want to socialize more

On the other hand, Gates stated that because people will have less social contact in their workspaces, this will lead them to seek more social spaces with their friends and acquaintances. Thus, increasing the desire to socialize. 

Progress has already been made in the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, it will take a long time to return to normal. 

He thinks many people will continue to practice relatively conservative behaviour. Especially if they associate with older people whose risk of getting seriously ill is quite high.

Regarding the risks of another pandemic, Bill Gates believes that they will not be as severe as the coronavirus. Countries are already more prepared to cope with health emergencies like this. They are prepared to take action to mitigate the contagion.

Finally, the technological entrepreneur expressed his surprise of the controversy mask usage has generated in the world.

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