Best Trading Memes in 2022 that you Should be Aware of

Are you one of the forex trading enthusiasts who love online trading memes? Do you enjoy discovering new trading memes while, on the other hand, are you serious about it? If you’re one of those trading fanatics that love to have fun while hunting profits on the stock trading market, then it’s no doubt you’ll enjoy finding the best trading memes in 2022!

Ever since the invention of the Internet, individuals worldwide have expressed their creativity from inexhaustible sources of inspiration, both professional and private. All these jokes appeared in various forms to accumulate into famous “memes” adored by many people online.

There is almost no person to whom meme as a form is not tempting and exciting. Even if that person is crazy about technology and stock or forex trading, it is not surprising why an increasing number of trading memes appear every day.

But before we reveal the best trading memes of 2022 to you, let’s introduce you to the crucial terms first, shall we?

What are memes exactly?

Since we have established that no person does not enjoy famous memes, we decided to introduce you to their origin and evolution. So, the term “meme” refers to a style, idea, or behavior.  It often carries some symbolic meaning, representing a particular theme or phenomenon.

It usually goes viral among people. This typically occurs if a particular meme describes a current event in a fun and creative way. Internet memes are spread via the Internet, including social media platforms, direct emails, blogs, etc.

Memes are a crucial part of the Internet culture

Remember that what’s considered a meme could significantly vary across numerous different communities on the Internet and may change over periods. Memes play a crucial part in Internet culture.

A great majority of memes are using pop culture, particularly image macros of other media that, in some cases, may result in problems with copyright. Also, many modern memes are taking on the inclusion of nonsensical, surreal and non-sequitur themes.

Characteristics of memes

When it comes to the characteristics of memes, you need to keep in mind that there are two fundamental attributes of Internet memes:

  1. Creative reproduction of materials that refer to mashups, parodies, or remixes.
  2. Intertextuality refers to memes that could be shown that combine different cultures.

Whether you’re a day trader, trend trader, or a longer-term trader it’s crucial to note, before proceeding to trade memes, that the spread of memes, in general, is happening thanks to two different mechanisms:

  1. Mimicry happens once the meme becomes recreated differently than the original one.
  2. Remix occurs once the original meme becomes altered in one way or another.

However, an essential thing to note here is that the Internet directly adds some longevity to a meme’s lifespan. Another interesting thing with memes is that there’s no strict format that Internet has to follow.

You can encounter photos of animals or people, especially stock ones, that are able to turn into memes with superimposing texts. One of these funny texts is “An Overly Attached Girlfriend.”

The evolution of internet memes

Internet memes can stay or evolve over some time. It can be so by chance or through parody, imitations, etc. As mentioned above, internet memes become viral through influences, mostly popular culture. Memes are also able to be subjected to in-jokes with online communities.

On the other hand, some memes can quickly become “unfashionable” and old-dated. They can lose their qualities of humor to their specific audiences. Memes are mainly formed from pop culture references, social interactions, or situations in which numerous people find themselves.

The phenomenon of viral memes represents a user to the user experience that refers to participatory culture on online platforms. The impact and the rapid growth have caught the attention of both industry and researchers.

Generally, internet memes have a short lifespan. In fact, they are regarded as a unit of information that replicates via the Internet, and that mutation follows a more “viral pattern.” So, what are trading memes? Let’s get to know the famous meme stock definition!

Meme stocks explained

If you were wondering what trading memes represent, let’s focus on meme stock. A meme stock represents shares of a company that acquired a huge following across social media platforms. To simplify it even more, we are talking about the shares of companies which online communities promote and build narratives for.

These communities can build massive conversations and narratives that are communicated on platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter. For that reason, meme stock communities are able to influence the prices of these shares via coordinated efforts. As a result, meme stocks are able to become overvalued apparently, relative to their fundamentals.

At the same time, they remain elevated for tedious periods, which results from a meme stock community who have kept their prices propped up. These trading meme stocks arose in 2020 out of wallstreetbets or subreddit when it comes to their present form.

What is also interesting to keep in mind regarding this topic is that meme stock communities have managed to develop an informal slang glossary and terminology.

What was the first meme stock?

The first meme stock was GameStop Corp (GME). It’s widely regarded as one of the first meme stocks whose total stock price managed to rise 100x throughout a couple of months, as members of its meme community arranged an astonishing short squeeze.

Like any trading meme or meme in general, meme stocks have also generated unique language and slang across social media platforms and forums.

Other successful meme stocks

Besides GameStop stock (GME), which is the first successful meme stock, others worth mentioning have gained tremendous popularity and success. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, known as the movie theatre chain, and Blackberry Limited (BB), the smartphone maker, have increased their shares.

They saw their chance to gain massive profits amid the pandemic in 2020, and that’s how they’ve gained success. Once they’ve received recognition as great meme stocks, others also began to recognize the humour of witnessing how these well-known companies have emerged from the stock market’s ashes.

Top five meme stocks at the moment

Two years since the beginning of the trading memes movement in the stock market, individual investors are still looking for new ways to beat the dynamic stock market.

So, besides AMC and GameStop, which are well-known stock memes, we’d like to present you with the top five meme stocks that are worth investing in:

Palantir (NYSE:PLTR)

  • Market cap: $50 billion
  • About the company: Big data, AI, digital transformation

Nokia (NYSE:NOK)

  • Market cap: $33 billion
  • About the company: Telecom infrastructure equipment

Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE)

  • Market cap: $6.7 billion
  • About the company: Pioneer in space tourism, travel, former SPAC stock

Blackberry (NYSE:BB)

  • Market cap: $5.9 billion
  • About the company: The software company, former smartphone seller

Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY)

  • Market cap: $2.6 billion
  • About the company: Retailer of home goods & accessories

Advantages and disadvantages of meme stocks

So, if you are interested in investing in meme stocks, you’d undoubtedly want to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the advantages of investing in stocks long term:

  1. Excellent chance of extremely high returns in short periods.
  2. Time is on the side of a young generation raised on social media and interested in trading memes. Thus, the meme stock movement could be here to stay.
  3. An ownership stake in a completely new investment idea before the whole market gets wind of it.

On the other hand, here are some disadvantages of investing in these stocks:

  1. The trend may not last forever. Just like other viral skyrocketing stock prices, especially if some short interest traders return to work and stay away from home longer.
  2. The law of supply and demand induces short term stock prices. So, according to trading volume, if price moves are unpredictable, one can expect quick losses.
  3. Returns could reverse course suddenly since some meme stocks aren’t traded on any fundamentals. This can result in the company losing its lustre among individual investors.

How can you spot a good meme stock in the long run?

As an investor searching for a long-term holding, you need to be aware of some crucial factors before making a final decision and buying certain stocks. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Fundamentals are not required. However, if the business is struggling, sustaining stock price growth is possible with an actionable plan to improve it.
  • In case a company reaches meme status, and management is still on hold on what to do with it, a business that benefits from technology, for example, would be a bonus.
  • If a company has healthy profit margins, a solid balance sheet, and other great fundamentals such as growing or stable revenue.

The most popular trading memes in 2022

Now that you’re fully aware of what meme stock and memes are, we’d like to focus on a different type of trading memes everyone is googling around the world. So, if you are interested in finding fantastic trading memes that are extremely popular at the moment, you’ve come to the right place!

In our humble opinion, it is time to meet the best trading memes in 2022 so far, in our humble opinion! Let’s get started with the list of the top trading memes at the moment, shall we?








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