Axelar’s General Messaging Capabilities

Axelar, like Wormhole, Layer Zero, and other bridging technologies, provides generic communications, which allows many types of data and information, including the tokens mentioned above, to be transported across ecosystems. Universal communications are more complicated than basic connections that allow token transfers but can also be significantly more powerful.

dApps may perform contract calls across chains using two blockchains that can connect via general messaging, allowing them to publish their product on one chain and communicate with others rather than requiring to debut on every chain. This allows dApps to reach more users than just those on that single segregated blockchain network.

A contract call differs from a token transfer in that it is initiated by a user to carry out a specified function of a smart contract and is not published on the blockchain. Allowing contract calls from the source chain to the destination chain gives dApps additional cross-chain flexibility and eliminates the need for them to deploy their dApp on multiple chains.

Overview Message Passing allows for secure cross-chain communication, opening up new opportunities for developers in the decentralised finance (DeFi), gaming, and non-fungible token (NFT) arenas.

One possible application is to build platforms that host NFTs from various chains, allowing users on one chain to purchase NFTs minted on another without shifting assets from one chain to another. Utilising NFTs as collateral in borrowing-lending apps on any blockchain is another possible application of NFTs. Secure cross-chain communication enables developers to build applications that can capitalise on the unique features of various blockchains, thereby creating fresh possibilities on the decentralised web.

Passing feature of Axelar

This offers up new possibilities for decentralised web apps such as DeFi, gambling, NFTs, and others. A permissionless validator set that runs on a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus method and a decentralised protocol that manages routing and translation ensure the security of Generic Message Passing.

An application developer must incorporate the Axelar Executable Interface into the intended contract to leverage Generic Message Passing. The source chain call enters the Axelar Gateway. The Axelar network confirms the call, deducts the usage cost in native source chain tokens, and creates an outbound transaction on the destination chain. The call is accepted and exits the Axelar Gateway onto the destination chain, where the call function executes as if it were made on the source chain.

This cross-chain communication approach broadens the meaning of secure interoperability, allowing developers to create new apps that can operate across various chains.

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