Asian Market Basically up While Trump Delivers 2nd State Union Address

Today, Asian shares rose still as investors listen to U.S. President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address. Within President Trump’s State of the Union Address, He claims only “foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations” can stop strong U.S. economy. President Trump also shares his upcoming meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the end of this month. According to Trump, it is part of his administration effort to regain the country’s nuclear developments.

The Global Economy Reactions:

Meanwhile, in Japan, Nikkei gains about 0.4%. Topix index also gains 0.1 %. Looking at the Aussie shares previous records of early loss the country’s benchmark ASX 200 gains 0.41%.

And still, the “Big Four banks” in Australia lurches upon supporting gains from the previous session. Firstly, the ANZ shares are down about 1.6%. Secondly, the Commonwealth Bank losing 1.07%. Thirdly, the Westpac then declines about 1.24%. Lastly, the National Australia Bank declines 1.04%.

Last Tuesday, upon a special government-appointed question to Australia’s financial sector, the banking stocks had gained. The financial sector didn’t recommend to break up any of the banks meddling processes of lending money.

U.S. President Trump aside from the State Union address face investigations coming from the new House Democratic. He warns the party against the probes in his policies and personal finances. Trump also highlighted his upcoming meeting with the North Korean leader KimJong Un in Vietnam. The meeting is expected to occur at the end of this month. It mainly focuses on regaining the country’s nuclear program.

Currencies Performance:

The Dollar index measuring the greenback contradicts a basket of its peer changes at 96.098. It reaches from levels below 95.000 from the past week. Japanese yen, as the safest currency, trades are at 109.81 to one dollar. It came from a weak level close to 108.5 in the previous week. Meanwhile, Australian dollar from $0.7155, drops from an early session high amounting to $0.7245.

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