ARTT Network launched its ICO – ARTT. Don’t miss it!

ARTT Network is a new tokenization platform offering innovative products and ideas and a high-ranking native token. This platform will provide scholarships to enable people to achieve their goals. Numerous creative, gifted people are out there, and all they need is resources to realize their dreams. ARTT Network aims to deliver the funds needed for that. Thanks to this platform, creators will receive funding and can bring their creative visions to life at last.

Besides, this company will offer other opportunities. Money isn’t the only incentive. Connections are almost as important and sometimes even more. The team hopes to create a strong community and connect investors, artists, and developers. Users will have a great opportunity to meet influential people and exchange their ideas or get funding for their startups.

The ARTT Network team could build its platform traditional way. However, it decided to use blockchain technology. The latter has much more advantages compared to old systems. In addition, the crypto world is still new and very fast-growing. That means it has greater potential to evolve into something truly magnificent. It’s not restricted by many of those rules that are currently dragging behind traditional finance. There’s much more room for innovation, and ARTT Network wants to use that to its advantage.

The blockchain has already transformed global financial systems, bringing new types of currencies, transactions, and exciting ideas. This technology presents countless opportunities for innovation and creativity. Just remember about the global success of NFTs and the immersive world of Metaverses. While there are many gaming platforms and other kinds of ventures, few NFT projects offer to fund creators. The latter have to support their artistic pursuits themselves.

What does ARTT Network offer? 

Funding your own business can be very taxing. You will need lots of money, especially as a beginner artist. Creating your website to introduce your creations to a wider community can prove very expensive, not to mention other fees and the cost of the materials.

Thankfully, ARTT Network found the solution to that problem. The team aims to revolutionize how people value, create, and showcase art. It wants to build a future where creativity and technology will coexist harmoniously.

The company is building its own ecosystem. ARTT Network also launched its ICO – ARTT, today. The ICO sale will end on march 30, 2023. ARTT is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be $0.1 during the initial coin offering. But the token’s value will likely increase after the ICO ends. The team wants to raise $100,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 2,000,000,000. However, ARTT Network offers only some percentage for purchase during the ICO stage. It also accepts only USDT in exchange for ARTT.

What is MBM Foundation? 

The team stated that it strives to establish a strong presence in the markets and will use the MBM foundation for that end. This Foundation will support creators and artists on an unprecedented scale. The company also created the first cryptocurrency-funded scholarship platform worldwide.

ARTT Network’s mission is to empower artists and creators around the world. The company will achieve that goal by providing them with funding. It will also offer its customers other resources needed to make their creative visions real.

The MBM Foundation is already well-established, and it has its own community. Moreover, MBM earned the investors’ trust and laid the groundwork for ARTT Network. While this Foundation did lots of good thus far, its founders wanted to work on a much larger scale. And ARTT Network will enable the team to do just that. This platform will be available worldwide. That means users from all over the globe will be able to use its services and get funds to create great works of art.

The team members are successful senior entrepreneurs who have lots of experience in the field. They believe that this project has the potential to achieve great success. After all, numerous students got access to higher education thanks to scholarships. The team wants to offer the same opportunity for a brighter future to the artists struggling to bring forth their artworks. This is a good chance for investors seeking interesting projects, as well. They will be able to support good ventures.

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