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AI monitoring – future of the workplace


Time goes by, technology develops and with every passed second, it becomes smarter and more independent.  AI is already capable enough as it is. It is constantly helping companies analyze data. In a way, Artificial Intelligence is slowly becoming a part of a “labor community”.  Interaction between intelligent machines and us has already started in places like manufacturing businesses, large factories, warehouses. Some employees use augmented reality provided by AI, as a training session for their job. Many workers are under automated surveillance from their employers.

Artificial Intelligence, AI monitoring – future of the workplace

However, the question arises, whether AI technology should conduct human Labor law. Honestly, our labor laws are weak enough as they are. Adding a new article to the Labor Code would probably cause new waves of chaos in Legislature.

For consideration, AI is fully capable of analyzing workers’ performance. This may affect who is hired, fired, promoted and given raises. There are also speculations, about AI’s ability to predict who is likely to quit their job, predict future actions or even diagnose medical conditions. In a way, this seems to be very efficient and scary at the same time. This is quite impressive and scary at the same time.

Another question arises, whether this is an indirect privacy invasion.


AI disturbs or helps old workplace laws?

The United States’ regulation of the workplace allows companies and workers to figure out the terms and conditions of work on their own. The lack of regulation at the highest corporate levels means they can act however, they see fit, but they are still subjects of workplace safety laws, overtime pay commitment, laws preventing discrimination, etc. Nevertheless, like everything in this world, old requires refreshing. Laws that are decades old need revising.

Artificial Intelligence, AI monitoring – future of the workplace

It is impossible to ignore, emerging technologies like virtual reality, monitoring systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, which have already begun altering workplaces in fundamental ways. Thus, progress demands meaningful changes to employment laws.

In addition, emerging technology permits far greater privacy intrusions. Many workers already use equipment that allows employers to monitor their activity and location. They have badges that track and monitor workers’ movements and conversations of their employees during work time.

For example, Japanese employers use technology to monitor workers’ eyelid movement.  If the system identifies signs of drowsiness. It will lower the room temperature.

The possibilities that future offers are both mind-blowing and terrifying. The workplace efficiency will skyrocket because of the AI’s analytical capabilities. However, the prospect of Artificial Intelligence having a grasp on huge amounts of personal information is quite questionable.


Will AI eliminate existing problems?

Existing problems with employment discrimination laws, privacy protections, are very simplistic. Its limitations prevent victims to file and win lawsuits or obtain meaningful settlements. It is quite probable, that Emerging technology, particularly AI, will worsen this problem.

Data collection an artificial analysis does not mean that the system will be less biased than it is, on the contrary.

Artificial Intelligence, AI monitoring – future of the workplace

Recently Amazon left its new multilayer AI hiring program because it kept on discriminating, based on the data it collected. It was a pilot project and Amazon was not using it in real life hiring. However, during tests, the AI program concluded from Amazon’s male-dominated workforce, that being a man was associated with being a good worker. As a result, it kept discriminating against women. Amazon was able to see the problem, but what about employees who lack the resources, knowledge, or desire to identify biased AI programs.

In conclusion, it must be said that without an update to the rules, employers can become even more vulnerable than they already are.


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