Apple’s iOS 15 update might take a while to install

The new version of Apple’s software operating system is available but it might take a while to install. Earlier this week, Apple announced the release date throughout its event. This event also unveiled Apple’s new products, including the iPhone 13, iPods, iPads, and the Apple Watch Series 7. 

While the new update for iPhones and other devices has many new features, people might need to consider waiting one more week or even more before installing it. 


Why iOS 15 can not perform well at launch

The beta release (which means the product is not finished) of any version of iOS is designed to support developers in recognizing and crushing bugs before making the operating system widely available. However, some bugs might slip into the final version. We can mention last year’s global release of iOS 14. It reverted some glitches and uncertain issues. 

Bugs and issues also slipped in the iOS 15 betas and might still be a problem in the first general release. These bugs will likely be disruptive. 

Based on real experiences testing the iOS 15 beta version, the first and second builds seemed better than the third. All Apps frequently crashed without any particular reason. The same thing happened to the keyboard that randomly stopped operating on the iPad Pro. Apple’s development team tries to catch and address most of the bugs.

How long should people wait?

If we remember the iOS 14 examples again, the Apple team solved the issue in a week. Therefore, people should wait a week or more to be cautious before downloading the new iOS 15.

However, while being cautious can help people avoid messes, they shouldn’t be overcautious and wait for so long. Delaying updates for too long might also make the software vulnerable to security stains.

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