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Apple will launch its first product of the year

Apple will launch its first event of the year on Tuesday, 2021. It will announce new iPad models.
As Apple pushes its event, it’s facing some challenges from various fronts. Including a battle in a court with Epic Games and an increased inspection from regulators and lawmakers.

In this article, you can check some of the essential issues Apple faces now.  These events might have an impact on the company`s growth.

As we already mentioned, Apple will have its first product launch event of 2021 on Tuesday.

Apple unveils that the main new hardware products will be New iPad Pros. Apple’s iPad business gained popularity, especially during a pandemic when people started working from home.

Besides the new gadgets, the company is facing a decade of courtroom battles and competitions. There are numerous firms and companies involved in it. Among them are Epic Games, Facebook, Spotify, and regulators and lawmakers worldwide. Therefore, it will not be just another event on the iPad. There’s a lot of tension around Apple. And also, these new challenges might threaten the company`s next wave of growth. Besides, It expands more and more into digital services and new forms of technology.

The biggest news is that Apple adds a mini-LED display to the 12.9-inch model. Its benefits are better battery life and increased brightness.

Ongoing Conflicts around Apple

Here’s a quick overview of the conflicts between Apple and other companies.

Relations between Apple and Facebook

The conflict started when Apple allowed its users to block apps from tracking them for ads.  Facebook began a PR war against the company because of the change to the iPhone software. Facebook said that this move would damage small businesses because they mainly rely on advertising in order to provide free software and digital services. But the disagreement between these two companies goes deeper than that.
Those two companies are working on technology, and they believe it will accompany the next wave of computing. Facebook is planning to release AR glasses this year. And Apple plans to launch its first headset in one year. Soon, we might witness a real fight between Apple and Facebook to dominate AR. It will be like the battle of Apple and Microsoft in the PC era and Samsung and Google in the smartphone era.
This fight between Facebook and Apple is far from over. It is just a beginning

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