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Apple Store: To launch new streaming service app –  Steve Jobs plan to revolutionize TV a decade ago

This week, Apple is holding a press event in Cupertino, California. The tech giant company is to reveal new subscription service as to which it search to have new areas of profit growth. That of which to stand against the slowing iPhone sales.

That is to say, the revelation of the said subscription service is to include streaming video services. Such as original programming produced by Apple and a bunch of streaming packages. That coming from the current brands like Starz and HBO. Moreover, Apple is believed to revamp the company’s News application. To include a subscription to various major publication, all in one app.

The announcement will be critical for the tech giant company. Investors and analysts believe the subscription service is to drive the major profit growth in the next few years. Furthermore, the said services will represent the culminating plan of Apple to revolutionize television in almost a decade now.

Steve Jobs

Moreover, the tech giant is working into revolutionizing TV, long before current CEO Tim Cook took over. According to Walter Isaacson’s written biography of Apple’s previous CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs “cracked” TV.

Meanwhile, Daniel Ives, Wedbush analyst said, “Going back to Jobs, Apple has always been obsessed with content ambitions.” After that, Ives said, “But the resources and strategy behind this has been flawed, and now Cupertino is playing way behind the eight ball.” The tech giant has its desire to have a breakthrough in TV under Cook’s era.

Tim Cook

Elsewhere, in 2012, Cook responded in the question regarding the Apple TV noting that “This is an area of intense interest.” Then Cook pointed out that the company is to “keep pulling the string and see where this takes us.”

Subsequently, in 2014, the tech giant’s senior vice president taking control of the software and services, Eddy Cue said, “TV experience sucks.” That was to address Cook’s comments in the present TV experience still “stuck in the 70s.” Recently, Apple’s CEO also said he’d expect to “unravel” on the cable bundle.

Therefore, the announcement is at higher takes provided that it looks like the tech giant might not have new hardware to show upon launching new iPads, iMac computers, and AirPods headphones. Typically, new hardware is the main product at Apple’s launches.

Subsequently, Gene Munster, Loup Ventures founder and longtime analyst of Apple said, “It’s an appropriate move to clear the decks of hardware to emphasize the point around services.” Moreover, Munster said, “I think they don’t want people writing about new AirPods and iPads. They want them focusing on where the company is going long-term.”

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