Apple Inc. is Ready to Float in Singapore 

Even with all the ubiquitous presence of Apple Inc.’s physical stores around the globe, their store floating on water is the least expected.

The technology giant’s “Apple Marina Bay Sands” venture will be officially open for business on Thursday.

The new location floats in the water of Marina Bay, the first Apple store to do so. It provides a panoramic view of the iconic S’pore skyline with its all glass-dome structure, inspired by the Roman Empire’s Pantheon.

This is the firm’s third retail location in the country that provided support for the production of the printed circuit board of the Apple II computers for worldwide launch 40 years ago.

The modern technology location seeks to enhance the customer experience not only through aesthetics but also by offering interactive experience between Apple Inc.’s staff and customers.

The Marina Bay location boasts a 148-person crew speaking 23 languages to cater to patrons with different nationalities in the cultural-melting pot location.

Similarly, the company’s executive will convene meetings on the underwater water boardroom where entrepreneurs and developers alike may receive training.

This is by far Apple Inc.’s most ambitious retail project. It has lingered in technology news headlines for quite some time.

True enough, the company does not solely focus on upgrading its products but also its in-store locations.

The new venture symbolizes the California-based entity’s commitment to delivering a unique experience. That is not only through its innovative products but also through peripheral services.

However, this came at a time when online sales are performing better with lesser foot traffic on physical establishments.

Still, it marks the company’s continued reliance on its physical presence, more than in the digital world.

Apple Inc., Apple Inc. is Ready to Float in Singapore 

Will Apple Inc.’s First 5G Venture Come in mid-September?

Apple Inc. released its official invite for its big virtual event happening on September 15.

Spectators note that the new event may mean two things. First is the release of the Apple Watch Series 6 or the budget version of the Series 3 Apple Watch. Second, this may indicate that the latest iPhone will be ready for launch.

Should the latter materialize, the new model will come in four different versions, with only the highest tier to feature the company’s first-ever 5G model.

Other exciting speculations are also possible. These include the launch of the new edge-to-edge iPad air model, the HomePod speaker, and even the belongings-tracker called AirTags. But the first two options are mor

Analysts note that the looming launch of the 5G model may be uplifting for the technology firm’s overall business performance.

This forecast is based on empirical evidence as what happened when it launched iPhones with the 4G network, sending stocks to new highs.

Apple Inc. recently experienced successive setbacks in the market. This occurred following trading in the red for days after its stock split on August 31.

Technology stocks have been trading on sustained high ever since the start of the pandemic. However, the reveal of Nasdaq’s whale earlier this week sent tech investors fleeing with their money.

Tesla is so far the hardest hit among the Nasdaq’s frontrunners.

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