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Apple Gives Details on the 2020 iPhone

After the non-stop rumors about the iPhone 11 mock-ups of Apple, talks about the 2020 iPhone also started to arise. And it further flooded the world of internet even if it’s over a year away.

And according to a report last week, Ming-Chi Kuo, long-time Apple analyst, stated the company would cut the size of the TrueDepth camera and shrink the notch. Then this week, the firm might even decide to remove the notch altogether. And they would change FaceID with an in-screen TouchID for an actual edge-to-edge display.

Moreover, the rear camera might be more packed because of the additional 3D depth-sensing rear camera to the mix that Apple will put on the 2020 iPhone.

Aside from that, Apple is reportedly asking its manufacturing partners to make the sensors ready by next year. The said depth-sensing technology is identical to the existing TrueDepth technology, which is in the FaceID on the front of the phone. However, it can scan objects from 15 feet away instead of 50cm; the longest distance FaceID can reach.

AR Glasses of iPhone

Meanwhile, the AR glasses of Apple may have been put off until further notice. And this is due to, none other than, the glasses themselves. And it seems that they are still far from completion. Also, its price point is not helping Apple to make them charming for consumers.

In a previous report, the firm was working on AR or mixed glasses with an 8K display in each lens. And it will be available by 2020.

Furthermore, Tim Cook is vocal about supporting the AR. And for the past two years, the company obtained several AR-related projects. Aside from that, the firm gave a lot of time to develop ARkit, its mobile AR platform, which introduced two years ago.

Also, the rumored 3D camera module on the iPhone 2020 might be icing on the cake for a big AR launch that year.

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