Apple Calls on Global Supply Chain

Apple today called on its global supply chain to take new steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement a comprehensive decarbonization strategy. The company will evaluate the efforts of its key manufacturing partners to decarbonize their Apple-related business. This includes using 100% renewable energy and tracking annual progress. Since 2020, Apple’s global business operations have been carbon neutral. Its ambitious goal is to become CO2-neutral throughout the global supply chain and product life cycle.

These include major investments in renewable energy in Europe, partnerships to help companies transition to clean energy, and new funding for projects around the world that promote natural carbon sequestration and community-driven climate solutions.

As part of the company’s supplier engagement, it collaborates with its global supply chain to encourage accelerated action toward carbon neutrality for Apple-related corporate operations. The company will track and audit annual progress toward these goals, specifically Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reductions associated with the company’s production. Apple will collaborate with suppliers acting quickly and making measurable progress toward decarbonization.

Focus on The Clean Energy

Apple encourages suppliers to manage greenhouse gas emissions outside Apple manufacturing by focusing on clean energy. Apple has reduced emissions by 40 percent since 2015 to meet its 2030 goals. This is mainly done by improving energy efficiency, building carbon structures, and achieving CO2 neutrality in business. In addition, it is converting its supply chain to renewable electricity.

The European investments are part of the company’s larger strategy to address the electricity customers use to charge their devices. It accounts for approximately 22 percent of its carbon footprint. Apple intends to bring clean energy projects online in grids with high carbon intensity wherever possible. It increases the impact on Europe’s electricity sector when renewable generation is desperately needed. Earlier this year, the company announced the launch of new renewable energy projects in the United States and Australia to address customer product usage.

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