Amazon, Amazon Brings Same-day Delivery Closer within U.S.

Amazon Brings Same-day Delivery Closer within U.S. quietly brings warehouses to cities like Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Orlando to update its same-day delivery program for shoppers.

Sources say the company is arriving in Greenville community, as walls of a warehouse are rising at Greenville Business Park.

Warehouse buildouts are one of Amazon’s biggest areas of investment.

According to Joel Gregozeski, town administrator, this is a positive development for the community for two reasons. He said it brings additional tax base for their community, close to $20M in development. The other component is added jobs for not only their community but for their region as a whole.

How the Move will Benefit Amazon and its Customers

The opening of its small warehouses contributes positively to modern technology. It allows them to stay quick in online retail and brings the business closer to big US cities.

They have long offered one or two-hour delivery via Prime Now, for fresh groceries and more. Prime members spend at least $35.00 while non-members pay $12.98 per order. Via Prime, they offer a two-day delivery of 100 million items.

Functions in the fulfillment center will combine with those of other facilities into a single building closer to same-day customers. They guarantee packages to arrive by several set times daily.

This also enables them to meet their pledge on carbon emissions with shorter drive times, helping to minimize technology hazards.

The offer guarantees delivery of over 100,000 products in five hours, according to Jon Alexander, Amazon’s director of delivery experience.

Developments for the Program Now in Progress

Further in this technology news, two lawsuits were filed to challenge project approvals to build a warehouse in Orange County. The giant warehouse will total a million square feet when completed. It will be one of over 75 of the company’s fulfillment centers in the US and Orange County’s largest building. The developer, USEF Sailfish LLC, projects to employ more than 800 people, with salaries ranging from $31,200 to $60,000.

In Grand Island NY, lawyers of TC Buffallo Development meet with Grand Island’s Town Board on last month’s warehouse proposal. They described the plans as a storage and distribution center, naming it “Project Olive”.

The developers further described the facility to be run by an e-commerce tenant for consumer goods without mentioning the company name.

They aim to bring the company’s network closer to the cities and improve same-day deliveries.

Jon Alexander also stated that they will announce more cities for new facilities later this year.

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