allpay cards plans to spend £1.5 Million to develop new tech is one of the fastest-growing brands in the United Kingdom that boasts lots of customers. The company manufactures plastic cards, and it managed to earn users’ trust in a short time. On Tuesday, Jamie Taylor, Head of Card Operations, announced that allpay would invest £1.5 million to develop new, cut-edge technology. In 2022, the company acquired a Mulhbauer full-color duplex Inkjet DoD. It also purchased a KAS mailing machine and two new Matica personalization lines in April 2023.

The company hopes to achieve more success in the market, considering that these technologies are the most advanced in the plastic card manufacturing industry. Taylor noted that allpay cards is constantly trying to improve its operations. The team aims to provide the best possible service to its clients. That’s why the company decided to invest in new machinery. He also added that the team is excited about the new possibilities it can explore now that it owns these machines.

Furthermore, the new machines will enable the company to increase efficiency and better streamline its production processes significantly. Consequently, allpay cards will manufacture products with higher quality. The team is expecting to receive a second color DoD this month. The latter with enabling the company to produce more complex designs. Thus, allpay cards will considerably enhance its capabilities and offer customers more customization options.

What are the allpay cards goals? 

Grahame Johnson, Bureau Services and Operations Equipment Manager, pointed out that it’s easy to claim that you are the best on the market. However, the reality often doesn’t correlate with such boasts. allpay cards aim to prove that it is the best by producing the highest quality products on the market. The company is currently working to develop a bureau personalization roadmap that will fit its future goals. It is also researching the market to ascertain what the customers need and deliver it. Johnson believes that the company is much ahead of its competitors.

Thanks to the new machines, allpay cards can offer clients to choose various patterns and colors. The company will create fully personalized, unique products. Inkjet DoD will also enable it to enhance various features, like registered tactile spot varnish. The team can now add color to the card edging, as well, or create a rainbow effect along all four edges. Such features increase the product’s overall quality and make them stand out.    

While investing in new machinery was a wise step, it’s not the only measure the company took to achieve more success and recognition in the market. It is quite ambitious in its goal to become one of the best companies in the plastic card manufacturing industry. To that end, allpay cards will continue investing in the most advanced technologies available on the market. It aims to offer its customers even more customization options, higher quality products, and faster delivery.

Emily Lovelock, Head of Card Sales, noted that the company plans to support innovative programs in the industry. To that end, it will fund and endorse the firms developing the new technologies.

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