AFTX Secures A Major Wimbledon 2022 Events Sponsorship Deal

ATFX, a renowned financial services provider has become the latest big name in Wimbledon 2022 events after inking a deal to sponsor the events. The news was released via the company’s social media platform.

The partnership is believed to support sports, including empowering the athletes and giving back to the community. The company hopes for fans to experience exclusive sports ventures within a creative avenue while supporting a good cause.

However, ATFX did not clearly illustrate the terms penned for the partnership. The company failed to disclose them despite the fans’ eagerness to know.

“ATFX is delighted to announce that we will be the Sleeve Patch Partner of the Wimbledon 2022 events. ATFX will continue our dedication to supporting sports games in no time to bring the sports spirit to athletes, officials, and fans worldwide with our best ability,” the firm commented.


ATFX Brokerage Drives In The Middle East

In the past, most cities in the Middle East sprung to one’s mind when cryptocurrency hubs were mentioned. In the current view, much has changed and while these cities are championing cryptocurrency trade, the Middle East is reigning in adoption.

The adoption results from both internal drive and the city’s tremendous management system. 

Having that little said about Middle East blockchain thriving, ATFX brokerage leaves no gap in the region.

The company has expeditiously integrated into the region. Recently, ATFX announced a partnership with Amman-based ASWAQ Invest. The company opened a new office in Jordan to expand and reach more clients in the region.

“The past few years have seen Jordan re-emerging as a strong financial center in the region to establish a robust regulatory framework under the JSC. This has led to further stabilization of the trading environment resulting in a safer and secure marketplace for traders. In keeping with our continuous growth into regulated markets and focusing on providing our traders with real value and trading security, we are pleased to be a part of this strong framework and environment,” the Chairman of ATFX, Joe Li, said in a statement.

The new partnership with ASWAQ Invest gave ATFX rights to operate in the region, with Jordan Securities Commission as the regulatory body.

In addition, the entry to Jordan welcomed a considerable profit to AFTX in the latest released first-quarter revenue. The company garnered more than $400 billion in trading volume. Moreover, the number of active traders increased by eight percent.

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