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General Information
Broker Name:ACBService
Broker Type:Forex Broker, Finance Service Provider
Country:United Kingdom; The Republic of Marshall Islands
Operating Since (Year):2019
Address:3rd Floor 207 Regent St, London, UK, W1B 2HH; Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH 96960
Broker status:N/A
Customer Service
Phone:+44 203 9666600
Email:[email protected] [email protected]
Trading Platforms:MT5, WebTrader, MobileTrader
Trading platform Time zone: GMT+0
Demo Account:Yes
Mobile trading:Yes
Web based trading:Yes
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments:Currency, CFDs, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrency
Minimum deposit ($)$300
Maximum leverage (1:?)1:1000
Spread: Variable
Scalping Allowed: No

ACBService Review 2019 – A New Up-and-coming Financial Services Provider

ACBService logo

ACBService (Asset Capital Business Inc.) is an online broker operated by ACB International LTD and ACB Incorporation LTD. ACB International is registered in the United Kingdom, ACB Incorporation is registered in the Republic of Marshall Islands. They provide their registration numbers and addresses at the end of their homepage.

ACBService came into existence in 2019. ACB is also known as Asset Capital Business Inc. Though it is a reasonably new services provider, they are considered a supermarket. ACB provides over 4000 trading elements with fair conditions. ACB cooperates with companies who provide access to social trading and trading software.

ACB provides additional services of wealth management, consulting, copy trading, and more. In this ACBService review, we will discuss all of the details of the company. Our goal is to give you all of the needed information so you can choose the best conditions for your trading.


What Kind of Financial Services Does ACBService Offer?

ACBService offers a wide range of financial services. They focus on the needs of beginner and professional traders, thus give options for all kinds of services.


Trading is probably of the most popular financial service offered by ACBService. Though we will discuss trading instruments and conditions provided by Asset Capital Business Inc. in detail in a later section, we will briefly address it here as well.

ACBService offers a vast range of currency pairs, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Trade via the most popular platform, MT5 with ACBService.

Wealth Management

If you wish for an Asset Manager to be in charge of your capital for safekeeping and profit, ACBService will help you. ACB will find the best match for your financial goals and set you up with a professional.

The goal of wealth management is quite simple. As the title suggests, someone will be in charge of your wealth. It is not only for safekeeping against inflation but rather to increase capital as well. As their website reads, “the ACB team will also suggest the most profitable avenues of investment based on your financial goals.”



If you do not consider yourself a professional and independent trader, then this service will provide you with the required advice. An ACB financial consultant will assist you in managing your investments. Their professional assistant will answer your questions any time of the day and help you gain profit.

Even if you do consider yourself a professional, this might be a useful service for you. ACBService kept in mind that many traders do not have the time to study the markets daily. Their consulting service will aid you with your investment decision via a professional assistant. This seems like a great way to trade without too much hassle.

Copy Trading

ACBService partnered with TSB to provide a social copy trading function. Social copy trading enables traders to copy positions and investments made by other traders. This function aid both novices and professionals in the field.

If you are a novice, you can advantage of the professional market. Via copy trading, you can automatically copy the performance and actions of other traders. Choose a trader you think has the best potential and understanding of the market and copy their traders to make the same profit.

If you are a professional, then at ACBService you have a chance to open your account for following and have other traders copy your trades. You will receive an additional bonus for each trader that follows you on the social copy trading platform.


ACB offers a broad range of educational materials to all kinds of traders. On top of that, they cooperate with leading liquidity providers. Thus, users gain access to stable streaming quotes. ACB ensures their clients that they will receive the highest quality order execution.


Stay updated about current world news with ACB. Whether you wish to learn about political, economic, or market updates, ACBService will provide you with the right kind of information. ACB has a special department designated for timely release of forecasts, analytical reviews, and more.

On their website, they have a separate tab for daily news, video updates, holiday calendar, and an economic calendar. You will also receive updates to your email if you subscribe to the service. Additionally, you will receive an even more detailed analysis if you become a member.

Overall, the financial services offered by ACBService are quite comprehensive. They give both novices and professionals the kinds of services they might need. You will most likely highly benefit from working with ACBService. As new as they are on the market, they made sure to start strong.


Trading Conditions Offered by ACBService

Asset Capital Business offers an excellent platform for trading. Their requirements and conditions at the time of writing are the following:

  • Minimum Deposit – $300
  • Maximum Orders – 100
  • Maximum volume, lots – 100.
  • Floating leverage
  • Maximum leverage – 1:1000
  • Margin call lever – 80%
  • Market execution
  • Commissions
      • Forex – $5
      • Commodity – $5

The conditions offered by ACB are quite basic. You see these conditions on most of the trading accounts of different international brokers. The minimum deposit is quite low. It is good that ACBService offers such a minimum requirement for all accounts since you will be able to choose the type of account you wish via your deposit and choice of leverage. Your account is entirely in your hands.


Additionally, ACBService offers mobile trading. Using their mobile trading services is quite simple. You will need to download the MT5 app from the AppStore or Google Market. Once you run the app on your smartphone, you find “ACB” in the list of brokers. Next, you log into your existing account and gain access to the markets.

If you wish to test the platform and services before committing with real cash, you can open a demo account with ACB. After trying out their services for a certain amount of time, you will be able to open a real account and start trading with real money.

Overall, the trading conditions offered by ACB are stable. Combining these conditions with the rest of the financial services provided by ACB, users get a great bundle deal. Whether a novice or a professional, you will be able to find what you need with ACB.


Trading Instruments Available at ACBService

As mentioned in the introduction, ACB offers over 4000 trading instruments to their users. Asset Capital Business deserves the title of investment supermarket due to the available tools on its platform.

  • Forex – over 650 currencies available for trading 24/5
  • Stocks – over 3000 stocks of leading global companies
  • Indices – 15 and more indices in Europe, Australia, Asia, and the USA
  • Cryptocurrencies – almost 200 od digital currencies available
  • Commodities – soft or energy, all kinds of commodities are available to users
  • Precious metals – trade safe havens of the market with ACB

The list is quite impressive. Investors will have a chance to dabble in every market with broad options for trading. Especially that the MT5 platform is currently the best in the industry.

The MT5 was released in 2010 as a successor to MT4. The key features of MT5 are: stop limit orders, display of market depth, professional charting tools, availability of traditional netting and hedging options, reliable Electronic Advisors, multi-lingual platform, and more.

Overall, the instruments offered by ACBService are powerful. This should answer your question, “Is ACBService good?” We think it might be.

Crypto currency

Additional Information on Asset Capital Business Inc.

ACBService has a simple website. Navigation through different categories is easy and intuitive. It is quite evident that ACB wanted to provide a highly user-friendly website, so all kinds of traders could join them. The log in button is on the top right corner, right next to it is a registration button and a demo account button as well. The colors of the website are soothing and classy. Overall, the site is informative and straightforward, exactly what traders need.

Asset Capital Business Inc.

Though the payment options at ACBService are not too broad, they are inclusive to the most popular ways for deposits and withdrawals. ACB offers payment options via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, bank wire transfers, and Tether. The possibilities are quite limited, but they are inclusive to the most popular methods. Both of the most popular debit/credit card providers are accepted, as well as bank transfers and a popular e-wallet, tether.

Their customer service is available 24/5 to all customers. Whether you wish to get advice on the market, get help with your accounts, or simply need to chat about your strategies, you will be able to get in touch with the right person quickly. The website provides their UK number, as well as two separate emails for common issues and clients supports. It is not live-chat available on the site. We are hoping to see it appear shortly, as it is one of the most popular methods of problem-solving.


ACBService Review Conclusion — Is ACBService Good?

Overall, we are satisfied with everything ACB has to offer. Though there is always room for improvement, the trading conditions and instruments available are impressive and remarkable. It is quite rare to see up to 200 cryptocurrencies available on a trading platform.

As new as this company is, they did their best to provide all kinds of traders with the services they might need at any point. Whether you need advice with wealth management, trading, or more – you will be able to get it at ACBService.

We hope to have provided you with enough information in this ACBService review to make a decision. Whether you decide to register with them is up to you. If you wish to look at more brokers, you can go to our list.

In conclusion, we are pleasantly surprised to see a new company like ACBService provide a marvelous user experience so quickly. Please share with the users and us your experience with ACBService and best of luck trading!

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